Only in Whispers 2 Cover

Putting the finishing touches on the latest cover for Only in Whispers. Cover goes with the story Kokopelli, one of the stories appearing in the issue. 

Finished Another

Hooray, Lettering is done on another issue of Sky Pirates. This is their largest endeavor yet. An anthology book over 48 pages with lots of art, stories, prose, and history. See more of Sky Pirates.

Working with Comic Pages

I figured I'd start off by showing my typical setup for when I want to get some work done. Here is a screen shot of my 2-panel side-by-side setup. Mostly the work gets done in the main screen and I reserve the right side for libraries and work folders. I use mostly InDesign when lettering comic pages. Currently onscreen is a page from a story called Kokopelli appearing in the latest issue of the anthology book Only in Whispers.